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Thought Control – Rule #1 – Mental Credit

My last post, almost 5 months ago, was about my love for Broad City.   The second season premieres tonight.  That’s why I had to wait so long to post again.  Because I had to watch all the first season’s episodes a bunch of times.  That doesn’t make sense. Whatever.

I won’t be able to see it tonight because I don’t have cable.  But most likely I can buy the episode and watch it tomorrow, my birthday, so even better.  Once again, I am killing it at life.

Here’s the plan for 2015, which I have already put into action as evidenced in the above paragraphs, give myself credit for what I am actually doing rather than chastising myself about what I am not doing.  This is Rule #1 of our overall theme for the year – “Thought Control“.

I have noticed (as have countless others whose books I have read) that I suffer due to the specific thoughts I am tormenting myself with.  Regardless of how much I may be able to justify that these thoughts stem from me noticing “reality” the fact remains that it is often the thought more than the reality that is the direct cause of my suffering.  So we are trying something new here, which is being called “Thought Control“.  My first idea about how to implement better thoughts is to heap praise on myself for what I actually do as a substitute for being annoyed that the things I actually do prevent me from doing what I want to do.  The latter definitely makes me feel bad.

It used to go like this:

Oh my Gawd!  Why is it taking so long to research this hard drive?  Why are all the reviews so bad?  If I don’t get a hard drive today I can’t back up all the files and clear the space to edit the thing and then I won’t be able to stop working in time to make dinner and then I will stay up too late and be miserable tomorrow.  Damn it!

Now it goes like this:

Oh my Gawd!  You are researching the hell out of this hard drive!  Way to go McCaleb.  You are so conscientious!  Once we find the right drive we are finally going to be able to clear space and work on that awesome project.  I love working with you.  You get so much done every day.  Also, congratulations on going to the dentist and getting that plaque removed.  You are my hero.

This new technique is way better at making me feel good.  I have been working with it for a few weeks and I like it.

If any more useful rules come up, I will share them.  Also, sooner or later we are going to try that Soylent that finally arrived in December (seven months after we ordered it!) and I am going to report on the experience.  I am just waiting to get good and stressed enough.