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One Squat Shot – Construction Site

In a recent post I introduced the idea of a one squat shot. All items that make up the face are gathered within arms reach of a squatting position. Not that common for me. It feels like a real win when it happens.

IMG_8697Here is what I came upon. An oval stain that is definitely shouting Face Shape! A plastic container of mostly eaten hot sauce already in the eye position. And if that weren’t lure enough, look at the pink string dying to toupee it’s way over and serve the role of hair. If I were a trout, this would be a parachute adams*. Reel me in.

IMG_8687Two minutes later. Thank you torn up packaging label. You are doing a bang up job suggesting bow tie. The final touch needed to convey elegance.


Parachute Adams Fly Lure

* Parachute Adams

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