Knitting a Digital Sweater

I mostly write about my art practice and day to day observations. I never write about my job, the activity that takes up one third of my life. I have a great job and that might be why I don’t write about it. Stuff you love isn’t funny and I don’t want to jinx anything. The less said the better. Until now. I want to share a few projects with you, and it would be weird to do that if you don’t even know what I do.

I am a documentary editor. I sit at my computer all day and make magic. It’s really satisfying and totally terrifying. Here’s how it works.

A certain type of person (a director) will drive to my home office with a big pile of digital footage and leave it here. Let’s pretend its yarn. They say, I got this box of yarn on Saturday, that box on Sunday. Please make me a sweater.

I’ll ask, who’s the sweater for? What kind of weather will they be in?

I get the answers and start the process.

At first, I just look at all the yarn and see what I have. You need to know what the options are. You can’t make a thin sweater from thick yarn. Then I re-organize the yarn because who cares when or where it was bought? I label it by color, thickness, material and most importantly by awesomeness. My preference is to use all the awesome yarn. I usually construct my sweater design around the most awesome yarn.

What happens next is I knit something, show the director, gets a bunch of notes on how to make it more the way they want it and fix the sweater. We do this a few times and then upload the sweater to the internet and let people start virtually wearing it.

Our hope is that people feel something when they wear the sweater. I specialize in knitting emotionally provocative, one-of-a-kind sweaters. Sweaters that make you want to be a better person. Sweaters that make you want to change the world. Sweaters that take your breath away. Sweaters that dance. So many special sweaters. I can’t make them without very special yarn and the people who know how to get it.

My skill in life is to be able to make sweaters without patterns. Even more importantly, to make sweaters that make people feel things.

I will be sharing some of these things with you soon! Check back in if you think you might like to wear one of my virtual sweaters for a few minutes.

12 thoughts on “Knitting a Digital Sweater

    1. Thank you Dave! I appreciate that. Your response makes me ask myself the question, how did I come upon this metaphor? It’s probably due to blogging. When I started eight years ago, I had no idea why I wanted to do it, other than a vague sense I wanted to be a better writer and I wanted to know what I would write about, if I gave myself the chance. It’s nice that vague nudge really did help me learn to be a better communicator. I assume you can relate!

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      1. Cool that blogging has helped you with writing. I set up a blog to put the various stories, poems, and drawings that I’ve created. And it’s been great to meet others creatives and see the stuff they put out into the world. 🌞

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