Extremely Boring and Incredibly Close

I’ve been unable to leave a comment on several of the WordPress blogs I follow. This is so unfulfilling. After reading a great post that I makes me have feelings, I type up a multi-sentence reply, something demonstrating real comprehension and affinity for your post, press send. Refresh to make certain it’s posted and poof! Vanished into thin air. Stupidly I don’t have the foresight to copy my thoughtful comment, so I write another much shorter generic one and try again. No matter, that’s not sticking either. I have several back and forths with WordPress “help”. They want me to know that my comments are stuck in the purgatory of your WordPress spam folders. Oh gawd! I either have to tell you this or live a comment-less life. I want you to know I am reading you and reacting to your writing, but I do not want to craft a post around this dull as dishwater problem.

Have your ever visited your Comments menu page? I feel like I am asking to open a dresser drawer in your bedroom. It’s so none of my business! You can get there through the menu on the left side of the app.

That opens up a screen that shows you all your comments. At the top of the screen you can see them all (yep, that’s my virtual underwear you are looking at and yes, I feel embarrassed). I have approved all the comments you have left for me! I like them and I want them. Sometimes I will find one in “Pending” and I have to say Yes, go ahead and make that puppy public. That might happen the first time someone comments, but after that WordPress assumes ongoing consent. Different than sex! That needs to be checked every time.

I don’t know why WordPress puts stuff in spam, why WordPress puts me in Spam, but could you go take a peak and see if I am in there? If you find me there, I promise it will be a pleasant surprise.

Thank you! Now back to gripping and talking about art.

13 thoughts on “Extremely Boring and Incredibly Close

  1. I always check my spam folder, mostly it’s links to sketchy websites but occasionally some legitimate blogger’s comment snuck its way in there and I get to approve it. A happy surprise indeed!

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  2. Oh yeah, this used to drive me wild at first, but I’ve since learned that the comment still goes through anyway. Sometimes, it goes to the Spam folder, but other times, it goes into moderation (even though the ‘Your comment is being moderated’ comment doesn’t show).

    I’ve since stopped worrying, and when my comments disappear these days, I just treat them as pending.

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    1. I feel better now that I understand and have contributed to some understanding. It was driving me nuts at first because there were a few people who were commenting on my blogs and and I really liked what they were doing and wanted them to know I was reading them. But I am a lot less stressed now. Thank you Stuart!


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