About Caren McCaleb

I make faces out of the stuff I see while walking my two rescue dogs, Decaf and Feather. I also like to write about the things I think while walking them. Thank goodness for dogs! I owe my health and my art to their needs. A great example of how giving is receiving. 

You might enjoy my writing if you’re interested in making art, creativity, trying to be a person other people want to be around and deep pondering. I serve it with a dollop of humor and humility. If we have em on hand. You know how quickly humor wilts in the heat and humility is often out of stock.

My first Sidewalk face happened in October 2015 just a block away from my home. Since then I’ve posted over 1050 to Instagram. Lots of people see faces in things, I just take it really really far. I’ve been making art my whole life because it’s fun and it fixes bad feelings.

Thanks for checking me out. 

Sidewalk Faces: Instagram @sidewalkface

Website: sidewalkface.com

Say Hi: carenmccaleb@gmail.com

Interview with me at Shoutout LA

Photographs of me by Andrew Southam (thank you Andrew! You are the best!)

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