Better Safe Than Sorry vs. a Good Guy

I ride my bike to the bank to deposit a check and realize the box store is next door. I need a few mailing supplies for all the prints I sold on my first limited edition print offering!

There isn’t a bike rack out front, so I ride to the alleyway entrance, dismount next to the metal fence and start to secure my bike when a young person wearing a mask makes some noises in my direction. I can’t understand them and do not assume they are talking to me but despite my disregard they persist, and I look up.


I’ll watch your bike.

Blank stare.

I can watch your bike while you’re inside, nobody will take it.

Oh! Thank you so much. That’s nice.

I take off my helmet, leave it in the front basket and walk inside feeling both uneasy and something else.

I’ve lived in major metropolitan areas my entire adult life. I don’t leave things unlocked. One of my main mottos is Better Safe Than Sorry. I like locking my bike. I like reducing risk. I like certainty. This act of generosity is making me think about it rather than just knowing it’s handled. But it’s also interesting.

The young person is wearing a t-shirt with the store logo. They are in the act of sweeping. That adds up to a legit employee. Or at least 90% of one. What are the chances the small box store would let some rando wear one of their shirts and loiter productively outside the shop if they didn’t know them? So, with that calculus, I am still in the acceptable range of Better Safe Than Sorry. 

At the cash register I try to see my bike but it’s either not there or out of site. I spend the full minute I am in the store thinking about my bike and wondering if I will have to walk home. That’s my brain!

The bike is there. I shout out, Thank you so much!

You are welcome!

How lovely! They are probably doing it to be a good employee, but it feels genuinely nice. It’s like Ted Lasso nice. It makes me really happy.

And with this I add a new category called Mottos. I have several I live by and I would like to explore them.

Sidewalk Face 955

13 thoughts on “Better Safe Than Sorry vs. a Good Guy

  1. Ok I was silently shouting “noooo don’t do it!” but once I read they were wearing store uniform and sweeping, it was a sigh of relief. Sounds credible enough to risk it. And you were rewarded with both a good feeling and a good story. Small acts of trust between strangers weave a tighter fabric of humanity .
    I hope you share more of your mottos!

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    1. You said it perfectly! Small Acts of trust between strangers weave a a tighter fabric of humanity. That is truly what I wanted to say! Thank you for articulating it so well. Normally I like to follow my mottos but in this case I felt better putting it aside. There really are good people doing nice things. Thank you Lizi!

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      1. Hey, maybe the best mottos can still be broken when the right moment happens!
        Your anecdote reminded me of a time I was a little kid with my mom at Taco Bell. A random old lady gave us a jar of homemade pomegranate jam. I was the stubborn cynic: “stranger danger, she’s probably trying to poison us!” My mom said “honey it’s ok to trust strangers sometimes.” 🙂

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