Coffee Spill Canine for Sale!

Coffee Spill Canine for Sale!

I am offering limited edition prints. Only ten of each image, all signed and numbered. Coffee Spill Canine, aka Sidewalk Face 1133, is the first edition.

Each print is coming with a few little surprises including a one of a kind leaf face, literally the only way you can currently obtain a leaf face from me. You might even think of this as a leaf face purchase coming with a bonus sidewalk face print.

The first five prints of the edition will be available for purchase from Oct 6 through Oct 31. Then I will offer something new.

See the full details here, or click on the Limited Edition Prints menu item above.

You may not know this, but I was a darkroom printer for years, back when a darkroom was needed to obtain a photograph. Such a lovely place for an introvert. Nobody can burst in on you because of light spillage. You are truly alone for as long as it takes to soak paper in chemicals.

Because of that direct hands on experience and obsession, I have strong feelings about paper quality, tonality and the tactile pleasures of a good print. The paper I’ve chosen is very matt with a lovely feeling to the touch and a nice thickness. Produced to the highest archival standards, the fine art paper is acid-free, pH neutral, and made from 100% cotton. The photographs are inkjet printed with archival pigment inks and have substantial longevity. They also look super cool.

The Happiness in Art Institute gave Sidewalk Face 1133 a rating of 97/100. We were understandably tickled pink to receive a near perfect rating until we learned that we made it all up to amuse ourselves. Then we were even happier because that’s the point of amusing yourself.

Contact me directly for purchase. I am currently offering free shipping anywhere in the US. I don’t know jack about shipping anywhere else so we will have to figure it out on a one of one basis.

Thank you!

Get Out Your Fancy Beach Shoes!

Get Out Your Fancy Beach Shoes!

I always find the best opportunities when I am not looking for them and don’t want them. Actually, is it ever the case I don’t want them? Hard to say. Take this one for example. My son and I went for a long beach walk. I made a face in the sand while we sat and talked but it was so similar to a recent sand face that there was no point taking a photo. I don’t like to be redundant. I was fine with not getting a new face because I was more focused on our conversation and being together. 

We were happily trudging back towards pavement when I came across this shoe. It’s instantaneous for me. I HAVE TO MAKE A FACE! It doesn’t feel like a choice. All facial items were located in the circumference of a squat within 60 seconds. Need white? How about two tiny broken clam shells? Need black? Here’s two small pebbles. Need a mouth? Try this dried bit of plant matter. If it doesn’t look good laid down flat, jab it in sideways and make a shadow. 

Man oh man I like him! And so did my son. Being a fancy woman’s shoe he should be a lady but I think he’s a rescue pilot having a good day which means someone was found and retrieved. Hurray! Or maybe she’s a female pilot, or a nonbinary pilot. Who knows?! But they just saved someone and looked fabulous doing it! 

Thank you abandoned shoe for being the momento of my lovely day with my lovely child.