All the Good Advice I Didn’t Take

All the Good Advice I Didn’t Take

From my Dad:

If you want to make money, sell a product not yourself


Get a masters in business, I’ll pay

My response:

Nope, don’t care about money, more interested in freedom

(Wait 20 years and find out freedom is money, whoops!)

From my successful Art World Friends:

Get a Master’s in Fine Art

Make your work bigger

Maybe make your work better (if you can)

My response:

Nope, don’t want to go into debt, would rather spend money taking time off from work and just making art.

Like to keep it little cuz………..that’s just how it comes out? Don’t know how to make it bigger? Don’t want to store big shit?

Can’t make it better but I’m trying.

From various people who care:

Buy a house

My response:

Can’t cuz I didn’t take the earlier advice

All of this advice haunts me but I don’t regret my decisions. I think I would be very unhappy and not fit for friendship if I had been employed as a mid level manager these past 20 years. I would probably have a house though. I wonder how it would be decorated?