“What’s Watermelon Got Good in it?”

That’s the phrase I just typed into google, it yielded a treasure trove of information.  How great is that?  You don’t even have to write well to get information from the web.  Type in a question exactly as it occurs in your head and 30,000 people have already done it before you.  It’s all there.  I love it.  Amazing.  We should really savor this in case electricity goes away and we lose it.  I’ve always been a big fan of knowledge.

So what is good in watermelon and why do I care?

What’s good is listed here.  If you are a fan of watermelon, this is going to make you feel great. Much more nutrition than I thought.


Why I care is that finally winter is over, summer fruits are coming back and my morning smoothie can once again have a watermelon base.  So much more fun than the green apple base of winter.

Morning smoothies are my weekday breakfast.  It would appear that I am not very interested in eating fruit (unless it is cooked into a pie) but I really like drinking it.  Finally we are getting some rawness into the diet.  Who ever gave me the blender as a wedding gift, please forgive me for forgetting, identify yourself and claim your personalized gratitude email.




2 thoughts on ““What’s Watermelon Got Good in it?”

  1. Because of my hasty reading skills I first read, and continued to think, the title was, “What’s Watermelon Got to Do With It?” Read the blog again with that in your head and it becomes hilarious.

    “Type in a question exactly as it occurs in your head and 30,000 people have already done it before you.”

    Really? Like, reaaalllly? 30,000 people have wondered what watermelon has to “do with it”? Now that’s amazing!


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