Enter the iPhone

Iphone Dynasty

My brother told me a couple months ago that if Andy and I didn’t get iPhones soon we would officially be late adopters.  Here’s our our cell phone history.  15 or so years ago, in San Francisco, we had a land line phone.  Neither of us would answer it when it rang.  Too many possible outcomes.  It could be a telemarketer, someone wanting to make plans.  Best to let it go to voicemail, process the ask, and call back if necessary.  Caller ID increased answering of the phone by a whopping 50%. Oh it’s my old pal Sal in NYC, I think I would like to talk to her.  To us, that was genius technological breakthrough. Nothing more was desired. Everyone around us started getting cell phones but we didn’t.  It’s unpleasant enough having a ringing phone at home, why multiply the interruption?

In 2003 we came to Los Angeles to look for an apartment and out of logistical necessity, got our first cell phone from one of those cell phone stores on Melrose. We shared it, one cell phone between us. Whoever went to Trader Joe’s took it with them.  When the first one died, we got the flip open kind.  It could technically send and receive texts but as it only had a numeric keypad, I never sent texts to anyone.  We didn’t upgrade to a smart phone because we were strongly resistant to the idea of our email becoming unmoored from the specific geography of the apartment and being accessible anywhere anytime.  If you had the device, how could you ever “get away”?

Years went by and everyone, except my mom, got a smartphone.  Even Andy’s mother got an iPhone and she is 86.  They all loved them.  My brother got his surgically attached to his hand so he can never accidentally not be using it.

3 months ago we were planning a trip to London and just like apartment hunting, the sheer logistical advantages of having a smart phone abroad forced our hand.  I called ATT and placed the orders.

For years I knew an iPhone was inevitable.  I knew I would love it once I had it.  I suspected it would be an instantaneous addiction.  I wasn’t holding out because I thought I could stem the tide forever, or I hated technology,  I just wanted to put off change as long as possible.  And I did.

As suspected, total and complete bonding with my iPhone occurred instanteously.  I have zero problem with checking my email in Venice or in the car or just before bed.  Andy bought us a portable Bose speaker that you can move around the house.  It plays Spotify and Sticther.  It’s so great I am actually experiencing moments of euphoria.  Andy took tons of  great photos in London with his phone.  Over the years,  I have given Andy a lot of guff about how he used the family camera and it had the unintended consequence of making him not take photos.  Rectification by iPhone.  I can’t boss him about his own phone so he is using it.  Hurray!

I believe in be here now and I am being here now with my iPhone.


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