This TV Show Put a Ring On It and You Are Invited to the Wedding

I have to write a dear Louie letter and even a dear Lena letter.  I thought those relationships were going exceptionally well but there has been a game changer. I’m in love.  If I could become monogamous with a tv show, this would be the one.  Broad City.

I’m a little nervous to proclaim my love publicly as this show is super weird and I am not even recommending it unless you totally dig Louie and Girls.  It has the former’s lack of formula (x3) and the latter’s emphasis on the female perspective. But what makes it awesome to me is the focus on female friendship.  The two lead characters (who are also the writers/show creators) really like each other.  The show is about their relationship, how they hang, what they do together, what they say to each other. This reminds me of who I was when I lived in NYC in my early 20s.  I am thinking of you Schtoops.

At first, like most shows, Andy and I were watching one a night.  After Broad City Stillepisode 3, we wanted to see the end of episode 2 again because something really funny happened.  So we go to episode 2 and rather than skipping to the end, we watch it all again. And then we watch 3 all over, again. All in one night. That has never happened over here before now.

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson are nuts.  The supporting cast is more nuts.  All episodes are free from Comedy Central.  Here is a house favorite, Episode 6 – Stolen Phone. via @ComedyCentral






2 thoughts on “This TV Show Put a Ring On It and You Are Invited to the Wedding

  1. Yep, I love this show. Have you ever watched Workaholics? It’s almost the same premise only it’s boys. Bad at their jobs, smoke lots of pot, have dumb ideas, and have an unbreakable brotherly love. If you can get past the swearing and immature themes, you’d like it, too.


  2. I haven’t watched Workaholics but I have seen it in netflix. Thank you for the recommendation. It will get special weight since you have seen and like Broad City. You are the first person I know to have watched it besides me and Andy.


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