Future Eraser – What a Waster

How did I waste my time before web surfing?  I can’t remember.  I’ve always read a lot so I probably just laid down and killed an hour in whatever book I was reading. Even if one hour was three hours, I was progressing through a singular creative endeavor.  There was a beginning, middle and an end.  Even an accomplishment of sorts, the number of books read in this lifetime went up a tick.   Now I find myself unspooling yards of precious time ravenously consuming information; topical, political, gastronomical, self helpful, musical, criminal, reviewing, critiquing, criticizing, maligning, malignant and benign.   A deeply unsatisfying hobby that never completes, never fulfills, makes me feel shitty and yet lures me like a cat stalking a laser pointer light. As long as I am there, I am nowhere else.  Apparently I really really want that, if actions speak louder than words and what not.  I can control it if I try but because I am on the computer all day, the e-portal to Future Oblivion is where I find myself when professional responsibilities end and domestic responsibilities begin. That intersection is a bitch for me.  I have hard time going from virtual to physical. But wasting time web surfing is like leaving dog shit on the sidewalk of transition.  The smelly remains of crap linger.


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