What is Fun?

Fun is a word that does not garner respect. Sort of like cute. It seems secondary, something that’s okay to have if you have other things first. Fun as a value seems frivolous and self indulgent. Maybe because fun is ephemeral, hard to describe, hard to achieve, hard to re-create. Too unstable.

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I want to make a case that fun is very important. Much like salt, you don’t realize how important it is for everything until there is none. A potato chip really isn’t a potato chip without salt. It’s just a bland highly caloric crunchy thing. Without fun, everything is drudgery.

So what is fun? Fun is most often associated with leisure activities, like it’s fun to go to the beach, it’s fun to hang out with friends. Fun is a thing you get to do if you do everything else. I’m not thinking about fun that way.

To me fun is more an after effect than a description of the event. If, after an activity, I feel vitality, mojo, a sense of purpose then I would call it fun. Fun is the thing that if you have it you want more of it. So in the realm of art, if you had fun, you will do it again.

Most of my life that’s how it worked.

I made art.

It was fun.

I made more art.

Sometime in the recent past I slowly started to suck the joy out of my art with ambition. It didn’t seem dangerous at first. Art was so fun that it could easily withstand a little rigor, right?

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Find out more tomorrow in my post If It’s Not Fun, I’m Not Doing It!.




2 thoughts on “What is Fun?

    1. Thank you so much Rowann! I enjoy seeing how the faces I make change over time. It’s not conscious but I can see patterns when I looks at a large enough range. Some years are full of leaves and others are not. I wish I came across more balloons!


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