How to Chew a Bloody Glove, Advice Only My Mom Would Give.

My mom sent me a video of herself with some crimping pliers crimping away at the discolored index finger of a leather glove. She’d cut herself while landscaping and bled so much inside the glove it stiffened up. She said she was crimping rather than chewing to return pliability to the leather. According to her, chewing leather is a known way to soften it up but she thought she’d give this a try first. She felt compelled to share this top tip with me in case my own leather work gloves become inoperable due to injury. Thanks Mom! No one looks out for me like you do!

I’m so proud of her. Still doing yard work in her 70’s, still creatively problem solving, still making me laugh. Love you Mom! You’re a role model. You’re my hero!

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