Art and Time

Can you make anything without paying attention to what you are doing?

Can you pay attention if you’re in a rush?

Think of that time you didn’t bother to notice where you parked the car.

The most fundamental ingredient to creative action is time.

Make the time.

4 thoughts on “Art and Time

  1. I guess you’re right (again!). If we allow the moments to contain just one thing, then we stand a chance. I think we have to give up the idea that multitasking is useful or indicates the level of our tenacity. It’s a management tool, and it’s overrated.
    Implementing the ‘just one thing’ – that takes a lifetime of practice.

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    1. Thank you Skipism! Love your comment! Level of tenacity. Yes. Feeling the need to prove my level of tenacity to myself never produces anything creative and rarely produces anything even useful. I do multitask a few things. I love to talk and walk so I talk and walk the dogs. But mostly it’s impossible.

      I was going to write something more in this short essay like, sweep all your extra bits of time into a pan and put them together but I couldn’t make the metaphor work because it’s bullshit. We don’t need two minutes here, two minutes there, we need a chunk of time, a good solid hunk!


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