Being Needed

We are selfish and we want what we want. Yet true pleasure, safety and comfort comes from connection. Connection makes demands. Connection demands that we drop our plans.

When you have to do that and you feel resentment creeping in, tell yourself this is the price you agreed to pay to be in intimacy. When you imagined weathering hard times, these are them. You are weathering. Good job!

Being of service is the apex state you can be in. But it’s only achievable from the stable platform of health and a solid sense of self. You can’t give to others what you don’t have. So, include yourself in who you serve. Give yourself credit for all the hard stuff you do. Appreciate the people who need you. Remember the best hug you ever had? That person definitely needed you.

4 thoughts on “Being Needed

    1. Thank you Michael. It’s good to know this resonates. It’s such a complex topic for me and I felt I could write so much more but sometimes that is just a kind of procrastination and I felt I wanted to get this idea out. For myself! I am the one who needs the advice!


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