Sock Party

Sock Party

I feel like I’ve developed a reputation around the house for being critical so I’m conscientiously trying to be more tolerate or at least keep my trap shut. Then I stumble across this tableau.

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to handle this uncritically? Is there a new standard I am unaware of where socks and dirty cake knives get to co-mingle in the kitchen and everyone’s cool with it? My husband’s defense was; those socks just came out of the dryer, meaning it’s okay because they didn’t just come off his feet. Good point. That is a plus.

I think what happened is, he was on his way to putting them on when suddenly seduced by cake availability. I guess I can’t fault him for that. The cake is really good.

Everything Is Stupid and I Hate It.

Everything Is Stupid and I Hate It.

I spent a lot of time making a really amazing meal. Unfortuantely we ate it and now it’s gone. So that didn’t work out as nearly as well as I hoped.

Maybe you’re wondering how exactly had I hoped it would work out? I’ll tell you. I wanted that sweet spot between making it and eating it to last for a week and a half. That would have been an acceptable outcome. Deliciousness seems to be working against our goals here. So does hunger.

Wherein I learn About Soylent and Am Not Disgusted

The May 12, 2014 issue of the New Yorker has an article titled “The End of Food”,, about a new product called Soylent. It’s an everything you need to live nutrition drink that eliminates the need to meal plan, cook, and chew.  You just mix it up in a big pitcher, which they provide with your first order, and portion out cup fulls as needed to ward off hunger.  It was described as being a bit like drinking pancake batter.  I can’t wait to get it.

Andy and I have talked of little else since learning about it.  We’ve ordered our first supply.  It is to be used strictly for lunches during the work week.  I do not anticipate enjoying the consumption of this product.  I don’t much enjoy my hastily reheated leftovers or my Trader Joe’s bags of frozen ethnic rice, especially as I race to meet the day’s deadline.   On really stressful work days, I eat at my desk anyway.  Why not just drink lunch and be done with it?

I like to eat, I love good food and I would hate a world where triple cream brie and Italian rosemary crackers were gone.  But, I find I spend a huge amount of time each and every week planning what we are going to eat, shopping for that food, paying for that food, unloading that food, cooking that food and cleaning up after cooking that food. No matter how well I do at these tasks, and I often kill it, I just can’t come out ahead.  We eat everything and I have to start over.  Where is the interest on my investment?

I won’t stop cooking dinner and we won’t stop eating it together.  I like that.  But I will like it more if the kitchen isn’t dirty from lunch.

To be continued.  Our order won’t come for 10-12 weeks.  The company is receiving $10,000 worth of orders every day.  We are not the only people who want to eat people.