Sock Party

I feel like I’ve developed a reputation around the house for being critical so I’m conscientiously trying to be more tolerate or at least keep my trap shut. Then I stumble across this tableau.

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to handle this uncritically? Is there a new standard I am unaware of where socks and dirty cake knives get to co-mingle in the kitchen and everyone’s cool with it? My husband’s defense was; those socks just came out of the dryer, meaning it’s okay because they didn’t just come off his feet. Good point. That is a plus.

I think what happened is, he was on his way to putting them on when suddenly seduced by cake availability. I guess I can’t fault him for that. The cake is really good.

4 thoughts on “Sock Party

  1. We have an empty plastic target bag on our bedroom floor. I didn’t put it there and I haven’t picked it up yet. It’s been a week. Why????
    Mary Trunk


  2. It is impossible to correct all the wrongs. I find myself lurching between complaining (in a nice way, of course), to ignoring, to picking it up or moving it where it belongs myself. So nice to know I have company in my distress, but distressing to hear that a younger generation of the opposite (very) sex still lacks pick-up-after-yourself consideration.


    1. Misery does like company so thank you LInda! A few times, pre-pandemic, I placed the overflowing recycling in my son’s room while he was at school as a way to convey that it was now in his domain and not mine. He hated that but it worked. Harder to pull off when everyone’s home 24/7.

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