Experience Makes You Confident

Experience Makes You Confident

There is no real confidence without experience. What we know without hesitation is the outcome of experience. Everything else is guessing.

To get experience you have to do the thing, the whole thing. You have to go from A to Z, from here to there, from beginning to end. And when you do, you know more, and you are secure in the knowledge of what you know.

Read about fire. Think about fire. Look at pictures of fire. Draw images of fire. Do you know fire?

Stick your hand in fire. You know fire.

Stick a raw potato in fire. Eat a cooked potato. You know fire.

If someone asks, Should I stick my hand in fire?, will you be insecure telling them no? If someone asks, Will fire cook food?, will you wonder if it does? Of course not.

That’s the confidence that comes from experience.

Weekends are for Sliding on Over

Weekends are for Sliding on Over

My husband and I were talking last night, around 8 pm. I had gone on a hike early that morning and was telling him how I needed that time to be alone, to have a chance to wake up. I said, “Going into the work week isn’t like being unconscious but I do have to put part of myself to sleep to get all the work done and when I try to wake up, sometimes it takes a long time.”

We can’t be all things at all times. Switching from a focused state of awareness to an expansive state of awareness takes time. It’s not a binary, it’s a continuum and you have to slide on over. I start that process on Friday evenings. It usually takes until Saturday evening before I am on the other side. I happily spend Sunday tramping around having BIG IDEAS and doing small domestic tasks. Monday morning, I start sliding back into focus. For everything there is a season.

The things that help me transition are music, taking stock, being creative and hanging out. While listening to music from an external speaker (not my ear buds) I like to review the week and give myself credit for the work I’ve done. If I don’t do that, I’m likely to stay stuck in a state of striving, feeling I just need to do a few more things. Of course, there are always a few more things, but a few more things before what? The what is the weekend. The weekend is when I get to turn off my inner manager, put her aside, and try and just be. I am not very good at it. Being productive is my most comfortable state. But I can’t stay productive without rest.