Weekends are for Sliding on Over

My husband and I were talking last night, around 8 pm. I had gone on a hike early that morning and was telling him how I needed that time to be alone, to have a chance to wake up. I said, “Going into the work week isn’t like being unconscious but I do have to put part of myself to sleep to get all the work done and when I try to wake up, sometimes it takes a long time.”

We can’t be all things at all times. Switching from a focused state of awareness to an expansive state of awareness takes time. It’s not a binary, it’s a continuum and you have to slide on over. I start that process on Friday evenings. It usually takes until Saturday evening before I am on the other side. I happily spend Sunday tramping around having BIG IDEAS and doing small domestic tasks. Monday morning, I start sliding back into focus. For everything there is a season.

The things that help me transition are music, taking stock, being creative and hanging out. While listening to music from an external speaker (not my ear buds) I like to review the week and give myself credit for the work I’ve done. If I don’t do that, I’m likely to stay stuck in a state of striving, feeling I just need to do a few more things. Of course, there are always a few more things, but a few more things before what? The what is the weekend. The weekend is when I get to turn off my inner manager, put her aside, and try and just be. I am not very good at it. Being productive is my most comfortable state. But I can’t stay productive without rest.

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