True vs. Aspirational, aka Has Been True in the Past vs. Could Be True in the Future

I was preparing my daily smoothie and this happened.  The song lyrics “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” started going through my head.  I haven’t heard this song in ages.  I don’t own it or seek it out.  No idea why this was happening.  But as I frequently do, I had to analyze the lyrics for truthfulness.  My mind says to me, is that true that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?  Doesn’t seem true.  Sometimes it leaves you permanently disfigured.  But, I countered, what if believing that phrase helps you buck up in the face of adversity.  If that’s the case, believing the phrase might make it come true.

I am often at mental war between my rational side and my intuitive side.  In this case, I think the lyrics are helpful for personal aid but crap when it comes to social policy.

Banana smootie_small

Ah!!! I just understood why I was thinking of those lyrics.  I had used my little finger to wipe off the rim of the yogurt container after I poured some yogurt into the blender and I was wondering if I had washed my hands after I had come in from walking the dog. If by chance I hadn’t, I was trying to remember what I might have touched outside and if it was likely to be infected with the flu or measles. To comfort myself in case I had touched something AND not washed my hands, I was telling myself that maybe getting more germs would make me stronger.  Then the song lyrics flooded in.

This is what happens when I don’t distract myself with podcasts.

As Psycho is to Showering, So This House Guest Is To Dental Hygiene

Of all the Beastie Boys lyrics, here is their most confounding couplet, courtesy of Adam Horovitz, aka Ad-Rock.  Andy and I have discussed it ad nauseam.  It suggests a rather repulsive scenario.

You better think twice, before you start flossin

I’ve been in your bathroom often.


From Crawlspace, To the 5 Burroughs, 2004