Why We Long To Make Art

When I am not doing my art, which is most of the time, I think of it as important but optional, one of several things I have to schedule, subservient to work and family for sure.

When I am doing my art, I think I am saving my very life.

There is an exquisite wrangling of chaos.

The pleasure is so palpable. It’s healing war wounds. I am a superhero.

If only I can bring this power to my everyday life.

All I need is a little grace and verve.

Image is Sidewalk Face 835

11 thoughts on “Why We Long To Make Art

  1. I have been a pianist since I was four – that’s my art form. When I begin to play, I am one person; when I finish, I am someone else – for a while at least.

    Wondering if that resonates for you….

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    1. That’s so beautiful. Yes! It resonates. The person who finally mananges to sit down and start is fearful, weary, hopeful, needy, uncertain, a very small hungry mammal skittering around. The person who finishes is every so briefly a god, not perfect but flying on angel wings. A glimpse of heaven that restores the soul.

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      1. Yes! That is spot-on, exactly right! You’ve been there too – you totally get it.

        And I have never heard anyone capture that feeling in words better than you just did.


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