Mindfulness in Folsom Prison

Holding Still is a short documentary film about practicing centering prayer while serving time at Folsom Prison. I am sharing it here, because I am the editor and story writer.

This film is part of a larger project to raise awareness about centering prayer and to try and increase the availability of this practice for incarcerated people. Centering prayer is nonsectarian and requires no set of beliefs. There is no dogma. It is similar to meditation and mindfulness.

If you need a dose of hope in something substantial, check it out.

Thank you to the men who trusted us with their stories and wanted to share their peace. This film is only possible because of their insight and candor.

The film was made by incredible team of people. I am very honored to be part of that team.

Ray Leonardini – Producer and centering prayer facilitator at Folsom
Mary Trunk – Director
Caren McCaleb – Editor/Writer
Roman Zenz – Cinematographer
Lucky Atkare – 2nd Camera

21 thoughts on “Mindfulness in Folsom Prison

  1. I had tears in my eyes by minute 1. You did a spectacular job spotlighting these men’s stories. The edits zooming in on their subtle body language like their hands for example, added layers on layers. Did you choose the music? it’s perfect. Wow I felt every freakin emotion while watching this. Thank you for sharing it. I hope so many people see this film.

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    1. Wow – thank you so much Lizi for this lovely comment. I am happy it was worthwhile for you! This film is really special to me and to the whole team that worked on it.

      I did chose the music! I love music and that’s one of my favorite parts about editing. It’s wonderful to hear that it works.

      I hope the film finds an audience that can help get people more access to this practice.

      Thank you again!


      1. It’s a really special film. sometimes films in this genre can almost seem like they’re trying to manipulate emotions with the music…if that makes sense? But what you chose is the perfect subtle yet tender backdrop.
        You and the whole team should be very proud.

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      2. My first response is to write – that’s music to my ears. So corny of me! But it is nice to hear. I always want music to accompany and harmonize with the emotions of the scene but not to direct or overwhelm. Maybe it’s like not having too much sauce on the pasta. Or more like not having too much parm.


      3. Haha! Well I chuckled😁 Yes the sauce/pasta ratio is a good analogy for music and visual. they have to harmonize. Although…too much parm?? Never heard of such a thing Lol!!

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  2. I was going to watch your video in five-minute increments because I have too much to do. But after minute three, I couldn’t stop until the whole video had played out. Beautiful. Thank you for making this, and thank you for sharing it.

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  3. Oh this is such a good post, and the film is very beautiful. I know it will reach out to many many people who need it. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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    1. Thank you so much Stuart! When I am not making faces on irregular bits of pavement I am editing documentaries. That’s why I like to work outside with real materials, for balaance. But I do love editing so much. This was a real passion project and I am grateful I got to contribute to it.

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